Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gaijin Interview Tonight

Yes! This here gaijin, Zacky Chan, will be on a live internet radio talk show, so if you got the time and place, join through skype where you can listen and post questions if you like. The talk is with Katie Adler, and you can access the talk by going to her website and following the easy instructions. The time is at 10pm Japan time tonight (9/12).

So yeah, take a break from your nightly TV, grab a drink, and listen to ... Katie and I talk about the great illusions of life.

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  1. Kuso! Due to technical difficulties, the call is not happening. We'll try again in the near future and I'll let you know on the blog.

    As for the technical difficulties, maybe some of you readers know the answer??? To call in I had to call the number (did it) and then it asks for a code which I had and tried to enter but wasn't recognized at all. Katie tried to help me and when she typed in the numbers it made a sound for each number and then automatically got her in ... but when I tried it there was no sound and nothing happened at all. On my skype screen the only way to enter numbers was by pressing another the call button again and entering the numbers, but it didn't read at all. Any answers?