Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ba Gua Zhang Single Palm Change

Of the many minutiae invloved in the act of the Single Palm Change, an integral part of every Ba Gua Zhang style, there is one easy mistake to make that I stumbled upon during this morning's session. After stepping into the first "T-Step" involved in the form, one's more outstretched arm needs to maintain a "bridge" in order to maintain the integrity of the form. If one is to bend the arm and thus compromise the strength of the form as seen in the top picture, all strength and Ba Gua Zhang technique is lost. However, if one can maintain a proper bridge through the movement as seen in the bottom picture, one's form may act as a constant and flowing waterfall of invincible strength!

Are you compromising your form with sloppy technique?


  1. Great suggestions and concept to follow.
    But; are the pictures reversed? (refer to text about lower picture)

    The meditation post was great. That is the difference between "Trancendental meditation", in which one attempts to trancend the mind/body, and Neijia arts which strive for mind/body unification.
    Good stuff.

  2. Crap you're right! I reversed the pictures. Thanks for the heads up, and the comments! I had a hard time describing the meditational aspect, so I'm glad to get some positive feedback. Next time hopefully I can improve