Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jousei Holiday!

That's another one my English Japanese jokes that nobody has laughed at yet. Jousei means female, and holiday is of course, a holiday.

Why would I think of such a phrase? Because that's what I'm going to be doing for the next three weeks! Tomorrow I'm going to Tokyo to meet my mom who is coming to Japan for two weeks. We're going to spend two nights in Tokyo, one night in Koya-san (famous Buddhist mountain temple complex in the Kii Penninsula), three nights in Kyoto, and then come back to Kurobe. AND THEN... the next night, Jolene my amazing and wonderful girlfriend is joining us for two weeks as well. Thats one week traveling with my mom, one week with both Jolene and my mom, and then one week with just Jolene. Am I ready for all this jousei??? Oh yeah. I'm feeling pretty lucky. But this means no posting probably for three weeks. Well, maybe I can pop in for a quick word or two here and there, but there won't be much aikido though. I definitely want to show my mom aikido though by bringing her to the dojo to watch practice one night.

So yeah ... ittekimasu!