Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Japan: Part II" Coming Out Soon!

This country boy is goin to the big city!

I had an interview with a children's eikaiwa school to teach English in Toyama City a couple days ago, and yesterday I got word that they want me to work for them ... YATTA!

Since about a month ago when I decided that I wanted to stay in Japan, my mind has taken my young impressionable mind far across the cosmos of possibility. The void is infinite indeed. But now, somehow, I've found something solid to stand upon. Now, as much as I can possibly know, I will be continuing my life here in Toyama, Japan a while longer. My current contract with the JET Program teaching English in a high school ends August 2nd, then I got to a two week teacher training in Nagoya on the 22nd, and after that, I'll be in Toyama City.

How much will things change? Can I continue the things I love now? Will I find something new?

Those are pretty silly questions.

It's funny now that I'm finally beginning to feel free in Kurobe, and soon I will be leaving. It is only just before we die that we realize how cool this deal is ne?

Mock death. A new chapter. A fold in the katana. ...

Just life unfolding like a paper crane returning to it's orignal square paper shape.


  1. Would you prefer working in a regular school? Eikaiwa can be cool, or they can be slavery. Careful. Resist bullshit when dished out to you.

    I have been to Toyama. It is lovely. The founder of Soto Zen Dogen, one of my influences, is buried there. Lovely place. Lovely gardens. I spent a magic week there in 2001.

    If you want a job closer to Tokyo (Saitama) let me know.

  2. Thank you always for the kind words. I'll always keep the option of Saitama open and I'll let you know if I want to make a move. At this point, I'm excited about a change from school to eikaiwa, but the ultimate tragedy of it all means working nights ... nights I could be doing aikido! It'll be quite the experiment to see how things go, but there will be now way for at least a year that I will be able to go to aikido as much as I do now. As for the job, it's with "Peppy's Kids Club", and I've talked with people who have done it and investigated thoroughly and it looks legit ... way more than at least 10 other eikaiwa companies I investigated around Japan.

    DOGEN IS BURIED IN TOYAMA????????!!!!!!!!!

    How is it possible I've never heard of this. I will research and be there very soon.

    Thanks again SS

  3. Congratulations! Sounds like this is will be away from your current dojo, have you found a new one yet?