Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moving On

It is because I don't fear you.

Of course, in this time of peace, no violence will become,

yet that weapon most dangerous is not of the physical.

I ask you here. I call upon you. The reaction may be harsh. I didn't mean to call upon you like this.

A wolf in the wild. I am a beast,

not a building.

I have a path, be it failure or misfortune,

whatever you may call it,

it is nature;

it is life.

I am no longer a pup,

this is not school, and the teacher's lessons no longer apply.

Just life.

Each encounter life, sometimes death.

It doesn't need to make sense,

but I won't be here any longer.

I must roam.

I've been here for a time. Yes, I have.

A place I've never been. I have to go soon.

What I see is already too late.

Apologies to the loves past,

but I'm not one to look back.

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