Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why I love Japan

Being in Japan, especially in the random inaka (country-side) of Toyama, I've often been asked by Japanese, "Why are you interested in Japan?"
Apart from the, "I don't know, I just always have," I've always answered recalling a very real and genuine experience. When I was at the end of elementary school, I remember attending a performance of taiko drumming by Japanese that utterly transfixed my whole being towards the nation. Something about the calmness of the drummers, the power delivered through the drums, and the bold but mild colors of navy blue seemed to resonate very deeply.
However, just the other day, I realized I had an earlier memory that began my fascination with the country: Wolverine comic books. Not only is Wolverine the coolest comic book character I have ever seen, he is also one that apparently had episodes in the most far of east; Japan. I believe this is my earliest source of infatuation with Japan.
Interestingly enough though, in searching for pictures that match my earliest memories of Wolverine comic books in Japan, none of the images I've found are quite the same.
Who knows if this really is it...
or if there was something before...

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